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Orange dream vanilla!

The orange dream vanilla female that I hatched out just had her second shed!  The orange dream fire has an advantage right now being that orange dreams get brighter with each shed and she’s already past her third shed.  I’m pretty happy with how the vanilla combo turned out, and can’t wait to see her after another couple of sheds!  From left to right: orange dream, orange dream vanilla, orange dream fire.

Is my vanilla a normal?

Just had someone ask me how to tell a vanilla from a normal… the answer is easy, work with quality vanillas! If you’re looking at buying a vanilla and it looks like a normal to you, I say pass it by and keep looking. I held off on getting into vanillas for years until I happened to come across a classified ad for one that I couldn’t pass up. This is him at 4 years old next to a similar sized normal. No mistaking this guy for a normal!

Vanilla male next to a normal