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Clutch one is done!

First clutch of the year is fully hatched, and we managed to hit on a 1 in 16 snake in a five egg clutch!  Unfortunately it was on the wrong end of the spectrum… instead of an orange dream spinner blast it was a normal.  Otherwise the odds weren’t too bad.  Ended up with 1.1 orange dream pins, 0.1 pinstripe, 0.1 spinner blast, and 0.1 normal.

First clutch on the ground!

First clutch of the year has finally been laid!  It’s been cold enough outside this year that the space heater in the basement actually had trouble keeping things as warm as I like down there.  Because of that this girl took 37 days post shed to lay.  My next clutch is due to be laid tomorrow, but I’m guessing most if not all of the gravid girls at this point are probably going to be about a week late.

Aging like a good scotch?

Thought I’d post some updated pictures of our single clutch of hatchlings from the 2009 season.

Just out of the egg.

Now, after having shed twice.

It’s pretty interesting to see how these three are maturing color wise.  The girl in the middle has been getting more orange with every shed.

On another note, just finished up another 41qt rack today.  I’m really liking the last one I built as far as the larger footprint for the snakes to live in, and it might just be my imagination, but it seems as if they’ve actually been growing faster in the two months they’ve been in there.  I built the new rack out of pre-cut melamine shelving to attempt to cut down on build time.  It was quite a bit quicker, basically just had to make a couple of cuts and then screw everything together.  Man is it HEAVY though!  Not satisfied with that part of it.  Back to the drawing board for the next 41qt rack I build.