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Het. Hypo ovulation…

It’s girls like this that almost make hypo’s seem co-dom!  Wasn’t sure originally if I was catching the tail end of an ovulation or if she was just building, but she went into shed a few days ago — almost exactly 2 weeks to the day. At the moment I’m considering her cooked, I can’t for the life of me get a good palpation on her. Soon as I get near where the follicles/eggs would be she tenses right up solid. It’s like trying to palpate a piece of pvc pipe!

It shall rain enchi’s!

At least I hope anyway. 😀  Chalk another one up for our enchi boy, this time with a heterozygous hypo.  Hopefully we’ll end up with lots of female enchi possible het. hypo’s from this pairing.  I think this combination of genes is going to be smoking hot!  I would expect that someone will produce one this coming season now that the enchi pied has been produced.

Make a little love…

First lock of the season! I’ve finally discovered something that Michigan winters are good for — ball python breeding! Just put them together last night and they were already locked up this morning when I checked on them before work. This pairing is a male pastel to a female hypo, but there’s a catch — this pastel is a 66% possible heterozygous hypo. Keep your fingers crossed!

First lock of the season!