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Not a fan of orange dreams?

Then you need to head over to the World of Ball Pythons and take a look at some of the combos this gene is producing!  I had hoped to produce some myself last year but the girls I had paired my boy up with just didn’t go last year.  Should have some luck this year though!  I’ve got a clutch of eight eggs in the incubator right now from our pinstripe girl bred to both our orange dream and vanilla boys.  My spider het albino female that we produced in 2010 has been paired up with the orange dream exclusively this year and she’s glowing and developing eight nice sized follicles!  I’ve also been pairing him with one of the enchi girls we held back from 2010 that looks like she’s starting to glow.  On top of that, our hypo girl snuck an ovulation past us — she’s also been bred exclusively to the orange dream this year.  That makes (hopefully!) four clutches of possible orange dream and orange dream combos, I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of them!

Vanilla update…

So here’s the three “vanillas” I hatched out this year.  You can see the clutch picture a couple of posts back, or check out the clutch record at bp11-7.

Here’s what the three vanillas look like now… the two on the side are what I’m generally used to seeing vanillas look like on the forums, and the one in the middle is the big question mark for me.  Is she ‘just’ a really nice vanilla or something more?  They are all possible het hypo, could it just be that she landed with the het hypo gene and it’s showing through a bit?