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Orange dream vanilla!

The orange dream vanilla female that I hatched out just had her second shed!  The orange dream fire has an advantage right now being that orange dreams get brighter with each shed and she’s already past her third shed.  I’m pretty happy with how the vanilla combo turned out, and can’t wait to see her after another couple of sheds!  From left to right: orange dream, orange dream vanilla, orange dream fire.

Results of clutch number two!

Clutch number two is fully hatched! The pairing was Barnhart black pastel yellowbelly X lesser. Final tally is 1.0 black pastel yellowbelly lesser, 2.0 black pastel lessers, 1.0 black pastel yellowbelly, 0.1 black pastel, 0.1 lesser yellowbelly, and 1.0 lesser. A little male heavy, but I’m still pretty happy with the turnout! As a result, most of this clutch will be available once they start eating.

Clutch one is done!

First clutch of the year is fully hatched, and we managed to hit on a 1 in 16 snake in a five egg clutch!  Unfortunately it was on the wrong end of the spectrum… instead of an orange dream spinner blast it was a normal.  Otherwise the odds weren’t too bad.  Ended up with 1.1 orange dream pins, 0.1 pinstripe, 0.1 spinner blast, and 0.1 normal.

Blade gene and super enchi hotness!

Just recently confirmed something that I’ve suspected from the start, and that is that my breeder clown male is carrying the blade gene.  This gene is both a color highlighting and pattern reducing gene.  Here’s a picture of what the blade gene looks like on its own.

And I can’t believe I forgot to post these pictures on the front page!  These are the two super enchi girls I hatched out earlier this year after a few sheds.


A little late, but our last clutch hatched out last week.  Ended up with 0.1 black pastel orange dream, 0.2 orange dreams, 2.0 black pastels, and 0.1 normal… NERD line black pastels.  Pretty happy with the black pastel orange dream, although it’d be nice if she was a male!  Anyways, here’s some fresh out of the egg pictures of her.  Can’t wait to see her post shed!


Boy have I been slacking on updating the webpage!  I’ve apparently taken to posting updates to facebook and forgetting to do it here also.  Clutches 9 and 10 are both out, and both had great odds!

Clutch 9, ended up with 3.3 albino spiders and 4.0 albinos.

Clutch 10 was great!  Ended up with 1.1 dream bees, 1.2 orange dreams, 1.1 spiders, and 0.1 normal all possible het for albino.  Unfortunately there was a third dream bee that was deformed and died in the egg.

Good odds? Yes sir!

Clutches four and five finished hatching out today and you’ll get no complaints from me!  Out of a total of 13 eggs there were no normals!

For clutch four we ended up with 2.1 pinstripe combos, 1.0 pinstripe, 2.1 vanillas, and 1.0 orange dream.  At this point I’m leaning towards two of the pin combos being orange dream pins and the third being a vanilla pin, but I don’t think I’ll get a real good idea until they’ve had a couple of sheds and start to color up.

Clutch five gave me 0.1 black pastel spider, 1.1 spiders, and 1.1 black pastels — all het for albino!

At this point I’m just hoping that I didn’t burn up all my luck for the rest of the season!

Clutch three is out…

Good odds morph wise, not so good sex wise.  Ended up with 1.0 kingpin, 1.0 pinstripe, 1.1 lessers, and 1.1 normals.  I was really hoping that kingpin was a female, but I’ve got a few more shots at hatching some out this season.  Next clutch isn’t due to hatch until the end of July, but I can’t wait until it does.  That one will be my first shot at hatching out some orange dreams!

Here we go again…

Back to the usual odds from last year… clutch number two ended up giving me 3.0 lessers, and 3.3 normals.  This was my dinker clutch for the year, and didn’t produce anything too abnormal.  I do find it interesting that pretty much all of them have some sort of black backing going on, but at this point I’m thinking it has more to do with selective breeding than any sort of morph gene.  If anyone sees something I’m missing, let me know!  All opinions are welcome!

Vanilla update…

So here’s the three “vanillas” I hatched out this year.  You can see the clutch picture a couple of posts back, or check out the clutch record at bp11-7.

Here’s what the three vanillas look like now… the two on the side are what I’m generally used to seeing vanillas look like on the forums, and the one in the middle is the big question mark for me.  Is she ‘just’ a really nice vanilla or something more?  They are all possible het hypo, could it just be that she landed with the het hypo gene and it’s showing through a bit?


Finally a decent recessive clutch…

We’ve had horrible odds on all things recessive this year.  From missing the odds on a clown from our het clown x het clown breeding to getting mostly males or plain hets from all our recessive gene pairings, the odds finally came out in our favor!  The albino x spider het albino clutch is done hatching and we ended up with the male albino spider we were looking for, along with 3 more albinos, 2 spider het albinos, and only one regular het albino.

We also got our male enchi het hypo that I was hoping for from clutch bp10-8.  Of course it was the ONLY enchi in the clutch!

Another mystery…

Clutch bp10-5 has hatched, and it looks like we may have something of a mystery on our hands.

This little guy (yep, it’s a male!) hatched out alongside three of what look like our ‘normal’ lessers that hatch.  He looks similar to a het red lesser, but everyone I’ve talked to says not quite the same.  You can bet he’ll be going back to his mother as soon as he’s breeding size to see if there really is something going on!


Good luck with the bad…

Clutch 3 is out!  Final tally is 1.0 kingpin, 2.0 pinstripes, 2.2 enchis, and 1.0 normal.  Gotta say I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Now for the bad luck.  Our spider female laid her clutch last night, and it ended up being mostly slugs.  Two good eggs and nine slugs.  We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a lesser bee or stinger bee out of one of those eggs!