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Small face lift…

Just finished a quick face lift to the site to give it a little more oomph.  You may also notice a small addition to the navigation bar on the right.  The "What’s New" section is just a little spot where we’ll keep links to the newest content on the site; whether it  be articles, pictures, or anything else that may get added off of the main page.  Enjoy!


The breeding season is going pretty good for us so far. The three girls that we’ve observed copulations with have all shed recently and have some decent follicles growing. Unfortunately, the two young boys that I was REALLY hoping would go for us don’t seem to be interested in girls yet. Hopefully they’ll get the hang of it sooner than later. 😀

Another one bites the dust…

 This pastel is a freakin’ PIMP!  It’s only been two hours since I threw him in the tub with this girl and he’s already got her locked down.  This girl is looking pretty dark right now as she’s getting close to another shed, but she is GORGEOUS right after she sheds.  She almost looks like a pastel, so we’re really hoping that she’ll throw some nice, bright, clean pastels.

Another lock!

This will most likely be the last pairing for a while.  We’ve got a few more planned, just waiting until the girls put on a bit more weight.  Number one on the list is our het clown pairing from last year that we struck out on.  The female is at 1400 grams right now, so we’re looking at pairing them up around February or so — which should put her right around 1500-1600 grams.

We’ve also got our female spider up to weight, just waiting for our little lesser and enchi boys to hit puberty and figure out what to do with her.  Another girl we’re holding back for those two is our wild caught girl that gave us our possible het pieds last year.  She’s just under 1700 grams right now, so by the time those guys are ready she should be able to lay a nice sized clutch for us. 😉

Make a little love…

First lock of the season! I’ve finally discovered something that Michigan winters are good for — ball python breeding! Just put them together last night and they were already locked up this morning when I checked on them before work. This pairing is a male pastel to a female hypo, but there’s a catch — this pastel is a 66% possible heterozygous hypo. Keep your fingers crossed!

First lock of the season!

Do a little dance…

Our breeding season is FINALLY getting started. I started three pairings tonight, and there’s still a few more girls that need to pack on some weight before we pair them up. Should be a great season for us! I should have the Breeding Projects page updated sometime this week — depending on if I see any locks or not. In other news, I’m slowly getting everything on the site flipped over to run on WordPress. It’s great for setting up news posts and simple galleries, but just a total pain in the rear for other things.