Small face lift…

Just finished a quick face lift to the site to give it a little more oomph.  You may also notice a small addition to the navigation bar on the right.  The "What’s New" section is just a little spot where we’ll keep links to the newest content on the site; whether it  be articles, pictures, or anything else that may get added off of the main page.  Enjoy!

Wow, check that out.

I always like to review the visits we get to this site, and by and large, the rats are pulling in the most traffic. I can’t say I’m surprised really, when I was using my Xanga blog as an outlet for my rat articles, I was getting hundreds of hits daily. Search words from google and other search engines really bring in the traffic.

Well, in keeping with the rat knowledge, I’ve posted an article on how to breed African soft furred rats. It’s pretty simple, but I hope it’s easy enough to understand. As always, feel free to leave a comment, I love reading them!

:: Connie

Lots of things going and getting done

I’ve publish a care sheet for the ball pythons recently, and I hope to finish the printable version very shortly here for both of our care sheets. It’s a simple caresheet, but I hope it is easy to understand and read. I’m quite happy with it. :)

On top of the caresheets, I’ve updated the ASF page, and a couple of the rat breeding pages. Mostly simple misspellings and grammer errors, some that I was sure I had already fixed a while back.

The ASF page has been updated with the genetics of the Ruby-Eyed color, and the cinnamon color. They are quite difficult to tell apart, with the only really good factor being the color of the eyes. On a nice Ruby-eyed, the eyes are a very noticeable Ruby color. (Hence the name :)) It’s about 99% certain that they are two different genes at work, but give me a few more litters to work through from this group, and I will know for sure!

I’ve been taking more pictures of the rats, and I intend on getting up the simple Norway rat gallery soon, and filling up the ASF caresheet with more pictures as well.

AND, I made another DIY tutorial on making a holding bin for rats and ASF’s. I haven’t finished processing the photo’s, but look for that page coming up shortly!

On top of all that fabulousness, we’re still pairing up the ladies here, and I think it’s time I revisit palpating the more difficult girls. They like to play hard to get, but I’m down with that. I’m hoping we can prove out a couple of males, and I simply am excited to see what we get!

We still have our male ball pythons from this past summer with us, growing big and beautiful! They will make wonderful pets, and I’m looking forward to giving someone else the chance at owning these wonderful snakes.

       :: Connie

Where did January go?

Talk about time flying! I really didn’t get to the projects I wanted to in January. It was a few more rat articles, just getting up a simple rat gallery, updating our snake gallery, things like that.

I’ve had to delay the projects to an undetermined date, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to research, take pictures, sort through them and prepare; and then write about it!


The breeding season is going pretty good for us so far. The three girls that we’ve observed copulations with have all shed recently and have some decent follicles growing. Unfortunately, the two young boys that I was REALLY hoping would go for us don’t seem to be interested in girls yet. Hopefully they’ll get the hang of it sooner than later. 😀

Ball Pythons for sale!


We are waiting on Fedex to give us confirmation of our certification to ship, but everything else has been taken care of on our end and I suspect we will be completely done by hopefully the end of this week.

We are offering these animals locally to Bay-Midland-Saginaw and the local counties. If you are interested in one of our animals, please contact us at, and we will work something out. 🙂

Visit our available page to see current weights and prices.


        :: Connie

What a winter!


Hey folks, this is my checking in and griping about all of this darn snow we’re getting this year! D: It’s good for breeding because the snow storms are bringing along low pressure into our area, but darn it really sucks to drive through. 🙁


     :: Connie

Another one bites the dust…

 This pastel is a freakin’ PIMP!  It’s only been two hours since I threw him in the tub with this girl and he’s already got her locked down.  This girl is looking pretty dark right now as she’s getting close to another shed, but she is GORGEOUS right after she sheds.  She almost looks like a pastel, so we’re really hoping that she’ll throw some nice, bright, clean pastels.

Another lock!

This will most likely be the last pairing for a while.  We’ve got a few more planned, just waiting until the girls put on a bit more weight.  Number one on the list is our het clown pairing from last year that we struck out on.  The female is at 1400 grams right now, so we’re looking at pairing them up around February or so — which should put her right around 1500-1600 grams.

We’ve also got our female spider up to weight, just waiting for our little lesser and enchi boys to hit puberty and figure out what to do with her.  Another girl we’re holding back for those two is our wild caught girl that gave us our possible het pieds last year.  She’s just under 1700 grams right now, so by the time those guys are ready she should be able to lay a nice sized clutch for us. 😉

Make a little love…

First lock of the season! I’ve finally discovered something that Michigan winters are good for — ball python breeding! Just put them together last night and they were already locked up this morning when I checked on them before work. This pairing is a male pastel to a female hypo, but there’s a catch — this pastel is a 66% possible heterozygous hypo. Keep your fingers crossed!

First lock of the season!

Do a little dance…

Our breeding season is FINALLY getting started. I started three pairings tonight, and there’s still a few more girls that need to pack on some weight before we pair them up. Should be a great season for us! I should have the Breeding Projects page updated sometime this week — depending on if I see any locks or not. In other news, I’m slowly getting everything on the site flipped over to run on WordPress. It’s great for setting up news posts and simple galleries, but just a total pain in the rear for other things.

The Calm

Another week has gone by, the first signs of winter come creeping in. I’m ok with this winter though, because we will have a great breeding season.

Still procrastinating on finishing my side of the site. Everything is pretty much ready, but I wanted everything to be finished before I let people know it’s open for business. It may just be a work in progress.

We received our boxes to get certified with Fedex, hopefully it goes smoothly and we can get that all out of the way. We do have snakes up for sale, but still won’t advertise until we get the shipping out of the way.

I’m really uninspired to write today. What can I say? I haven’t been spending much time on the forums as I’d like. It’s refreshing to take a break. Forums are seriously addicting. It’s such a good feeling to help others with their new snakes or rodents. The downside is the pettiness that perpetuates all forums. Luckily I love my “home” forum. I think it’s a really good fit for me. Some may call it a care bear forum for bleeding hearts, but I think it’s a testament to the hard work the admins and moderators do to keep it rated G.

If one forum doesn’t fit, there are still dozens of other forums that are likely better suited to you. 🙂

I’m just seeking peace lately.

:: Connie

Walk This Way

Not sure how many people enjoy keeping rats, but if it isn’t apparent by now, I really do. I know some people think I’m a bit nuts, but I feel very strongly about treating our feeder animals humanly and treating them with respect. Like they always say, you are what you eat. I believe this is apparent in the quality of feeders I provide to my snakes, and the growth that my snakes put on.

Chris and I are still working hard on finishing the site. We have just ordered our boxes and bags to get certified to ship with Fedex as soon as possible. All of our hatchlings are putting on weight well and eating wonderfully.

Breeding season is fast approaching, and it’s looking like we will have only a small number of girls going this season, but I can’t wait to see what they produce. I love the normal girls, and I think we have some good matches that will compliment the male co-doms.

Our clown project will be going again this year, and after last years disappointment, I’m hoping for all clowns in the next clutch!!

Our breeding season is particularly late compared to everyone else. We likely will not start pairing until February, maybe January depending on what girls begin to develop follicles. No rush from me, I know Chris is really excited to get going this year. I say the girls will go when they want to. Everyone is still eating strongly, we haven’t even begun to cool the room at all, but the shorter light periods with all of this rain we’ve been getting is sure to impact their habits.

To end this blog entry, remember folks, check and make sure your animals ate the F/T rats they coil. Yes, we had the unfortunate circumstance recently. The bad part is, we didn’t know until late the next night there was a dead rat in the tubs. The worst part is, Chris didn’t find the second one until the day after that. OH THE STINK WAS TERRIBLE!!!! 🙁

:: Connie

NARBC – Chicago 2008!!!

We’re back from Chicago NARBC and it was awesome! Once again, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of vendors and awesome animals is exciting. I was a total slacker and took the majority of my pictures at BHB’s table and these chameleons I really wanted to get.

Anyway’s, following this post, I will have a link to the pictures that you folks can browse through. (and I’ll include a link to my ’07 pics as well just to feed your cravings. ;))

We came home with 4 new snakes. Now the story is a little disappointing because we were originally going with the intention of bringing home a sugar or calico ball python. We arrived at the convention center on Saturday bright and early at 9 am. There wasn’t a very long line yet so we waited that hour in line. Chris noted that VPI wasn’t listed on the vendor list, which was a huge blow to our sugar-calico plans.

We decided to have a look around anyway’s because there just HAD to be people there with calicos right? Yea… Barely 4 people with calicos at the show. Oh, the disappointment. Most of the calicos were low end and poor examples of the morph.

Marc Bailey Reptiles had a nice spread of ball pythons, and included were some VERY nice Killer Bees (oh so clean, no mud on them!) AND he had the holy grail of calicos, the Pastel Calico and a Super Pastel Calico. They were way out of our price range, and the normal calico’s he had were okay. I would have gotten one except I just wasn’t fully committed to a low white calico male.

The only other people that had calico’s worth mentioning also happened to be the table showing the all mighty Desert Ball python and there crosses like the Enchi x Desert (aka Tiger ball). The Deserts threw Chris for a loop and he was drooling all over them. Once he saw them, he wanted it. Never mind they were something like $2,000 more than we had at the show.

Chris spent the good part of the rest of the day struggling with the decision on whether or not he should put a Desert male on his credit card. With Chris flip flopping, that persuaded me that we shouldn’t get a calico but rather think about other morphs.

So, come around after lunch, we headed to Brad Boa’s table where we picked up our ’07 Pinstripe female. She’s on the hefty side, but Brad feeds his animals like he feeds himself! She is gorgeous, I luv her! :3

We spent the next few hours running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Chris finally realized that he doesn’t need a Desert, and now he was struggling on picking up a Fire female (breeding size) from BHB with the rest of our money.

We ended up getting a wee little male Enchi ball python from BHB, and decided we should sleep on the Fire female idea.The Enchi is teh awesomeness!

In our hotel room that night we were discussing our options when we got a phone call in the hotel room. Chris picked it up to hear a ringtone. Then a few minutes later the phone rang again. I answered to a ring tone.

About a minute later the fire alarms went off. I threw all our things in our suit case while Chris looked outside to see if there was an actual fire, apparently the fire department was out front.

We grabbed the snakes, put them back in their snake bags (we had them set up in tubs already for the night) and carried our stuff down 5 flights of stairs along with Anthony McCain carrying a huge box of animals and one other vendor couple.(Poor Anthony never got a break that night this being the third time we saw him running around with this big box due to problems with the hotel.)

We ended up somewhere in that run out of the building with a bunch of other people who told us that the second floor was on fire and there was smoke everywhere.

We waited outside with the rest of the people and overheard the officers talking about the situation. Apparently, the fire extinguisher/sprinklers went off on the second floor and there was no fire. We have no idea why they went off, but the white smoke was actually fire retardant. We had to wait outside about an hour before they let everyone who wasn’t on the second floor back into their rooms.

The next day we were to go to the zoo and museum. We wanted to check out the show one more time. We waited for the doors to open at 11, and spent about an hour in the show not buying anything before we went back to our room for lunch. We decided to head into the city and do our thing, when the damn fire alarms went off again.

That was it, we had had enough of running out of burning buildings. Chris looked at me and said "Do you want to just leave?". I said yes, so we packed up all of our stuff to go home even though we had reserved the room for another night. About 5 minutes later the fire alarms turned off, but we said screw it, we’re checking out early!! So, we got our stuff out to the car while Jason from kept bugging me to come meet him. we grabbed our box of animals and headed back into the show. On the way in Chris and I headed towards John Piro’s table where on a whim we picked up two gorgeous little Black Pastel females with the rest of our cash!

We said hi to Jason, and left for home where we had the sheer pleasure of sitting in stock still/stop and go traffic for hours. Only to finally reach the end and realized that we had just waited for two FULL hours in a 15 mile stretch for some workers putting the LINES ON THE ROAD in a 50 yard stretch!!!

Yea… I just about lost it.

That was my amazing adventure to Chicago and back, where we made it home safely and went to eat at Denny’s at midnight. Mmm… french toast is soooo gooood.

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