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The part most people don’t like when it comes to hardware cloth is the cutting of the hardware cloth. If you dont have a die grinder, looks like your stuck clipping by hand. Get your needle nose pliers out. This piece of cloth is 14.5″ x 11.5″.  (those arent exact measurements lol) Don’t clip off the ends that stick out on one of the long length sides, you’ll need them. (I know that doesnt make lot of sense, that’s why I’ve included pictures.)

First thing to do is to bend it up. I usually keep it to five squares a side. (Note, this is not 5 x 5 squares, it is just an example)

Now, take the ends and put them through the opposite side squares. You’re going to bend them over the opposite side to close up the hopper.

Here the hopper is closed up. (Note, this is not a 5 x 5 square hopper, just an example)

Cut a piece of cloth that is 7 x 7 squares. We want to cut so that the wires are sticking out on all sides, but the 5 x 5 squares remain intact. We will use the wires like we did with the food hopper, and bend them down, over, and through the hopper, attaching the bottom piece.


Starting with the corners opposite of each other, bend the wire of the bottom piece down and through a square on the hopper itself, and squeeze it tightly shut.

Then, bend the rest of the wires on those sides from the bottom piece down and through the squares in the hopper, and squeeze them shut tightly.

Finish up the remaining two sides.

Side View



The finished product. I used wire to attach the lid and left a bit to hang so I can attach it from the side of the rats cage. If your rats can get on top of the hopper, you should consider using a bit of wire to keep it closed. Sometimes they can open it to reach and get food, but more often they will push the lid in with their weight just enough to slip their foot in and get caught.



I hope this was easy to understand, please email me with any questions!

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