DIY – Housing for ASFs

I wasn’t fond of the idea of using glass tanks for ASF’s, and I really dont have room to spare for a rack so I made a tub. Rats haven’t tried to chew out… yet. I do caution against using the painted wheels. The paint has either been chewed or flaked off, and the metal underneath rusted very easy, which led to a sore foot on some rats. I recommend the chrome or nickel like the Prevue 7″ hamster wheels


Here is a link to my DIY guide to make your own rat / ASF tub housing.

Click Here


Photobucket is crap and I deleted my account. Apologies for lack of images, that will be fixed soon! 200812-Connie

Different tub varieties

These are two of the main styles of storage container I use for my rat and ASF housing. I should caution, less edges and curves is best. Rats will try to chew through anything they can get a grip on, which is why I am no longer going to recommend the 66QT tubs.


54 qt Sterilite brand tub with water bottle arrangements

Lid and Food Hopper (best to keep food hoppers in the middle of the tub)

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