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Breeding Rotations :: Metal Monkey Exotics

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Breeding Rotations



Unfortunately, Metal Monkey Exotics no longer keeps or breeds Norway rats!

I strongly believe in responsible ownership of all animals, including feeders. So whether you decide to feed live, pre killed or FT, know all the dangers involved with each method and properly ready yourself for any and all mistakes, the care of, or exceptions.

In these next few pages, I'll attempt to explain a few popular methods and rotations for raising Norway rats.

4 week break - 12 Females
A popular method, great for learning the ropes and getting a new colony set up.

1 week break - 8 Females
One week break between the weaning of a litter, and putting the female back in to breed.

No break - 7 Females
One of the most commonly used methods. Litters are weaned and females go back in to breed. We personally use this method. Also want to note, we group up females when the pups are between 1-2 weeks old to open up the birthing rack, and allow the females to raise in a group setting.

Back to back - 5 Females
Permanent pairing of females and male. I don't have a page for this, but it's pretty self explanatory. Males and females are paired up permanently, and females raise litters together.

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