Terms of Sale: Rodents

The following is only applicable to the sales of rodents.

For reptile terms of sale, please follow this link: Our Policies

Unfortunately, Metal Monkey Exotics no longer keeps or breeds Norway rats!

For rat sales inquires, shipping quotes or general questions and comments, please email me at this address, and I will return your email as soon as possible. connie@metalmonkeyexotics.com

While I would love to give a guarantee of some sort into the condition of the animals, I do not guarantee live or frozen feeders. I am selling these rats as-is, with no guarantee given or implied.

We do however strive to produce a healthy rat, we feed high quality rodent food, use highly absorbent pelleted bedding and give them adequate space for breeding and living. We treat all of our feeders humanely, and gas the animals in a controlled setting with CO2 from a canister.

For frozen orders that are thawed or partially thawed: Carriers do not accept liability nor do they guarantee their shipping times. We ship out your order completely frozen and it should arrive the same way we sent it out. Once the package leaves our possession we do not have control over the condition of the product, but we do our very best with packaging to ensure it arrives frozen.

If you are unhappy with any live animals purchased, let me know and we will try to work something out. I do not give refunds for rodents, live or frozen.

We must receive payment in the full amount before any animal is sold/shipped to you.

We accept payment in the form of Paypal, money orders, cash and checks. All payments must clear before they will be considered complete.  Checks and money orders can and will require more than 10 days to clear with our bank. We do not consider payment complete until they have completely cleared.

We will send you an invoice by email for your review and remittance of payment. If we do not receive payment or communication within 7 days from the date that we sent the invoice email, we will no longer hold the product as pending for you and consider your invoice canceled.

For sales local to Mid Michigan (counties near Midland, Saginaw and Bay counties) you will be expected to pay with cash unless special arrangements are made before we meet.

We do not ship live rodents

Shipping frozen rats is not something we do regularly but it is an option. Contact us if you want a frozen order. All orders are shipped in insulated boxes with dry ice. We  also offer the option to use a thermal bubble wrap for shipping.

All frozen orders were euthanized humanely using CO2 gas and are packaged by weight immediately. They are kept in a commercial freezer with the date written on each bag.

United States: We ship using Fedex, UPS or the USPS carriers. We can ship frozen orders Overnight or 2-day to most of the US states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  We also offer Ground and USPS Priority shipping, these last options often being the most economical.

 All orders are shipped Monday – Wednesday, unless otherwise noted.
Cut-off times for payment and same day shipping:
Express/Overnight: Mon-Wed, 6:00 pm eastern
Ground/2-Day: Mon-Tue, 4:30 pm eastern

Shipping is calculated including the following: individual carrier charges, box (opt. bubble wrap) and dry ice. We will provide you with the individual carrier charges to your zip code and the total price for the order.

12″ x 12″ x 10″ Insulated box
$6.00 ea.
Optional thermal bubble wrap 
$2.25 per box
Dry ice charge

$3.00 per box

 **UPS and Fedex Ground may be an option if you are within the 1 or 2-day area zones. Ground is only shipped Monday and Tuesday.

Canada: We are unable to ship frozen rodents to Canada at this time. We are always open to new things, but currently we do not believe it is possible to pass frozen perishables through Canadian customs in an adequate amount of time. We do however visit the reptile show in Taylor, MI a few times a year, and this would be the best time for our close Canadian neighbors to purchase frozen feeders. We do not claim to know Canadian importing laws, and buying rats to take over the Canadian border is at your own risk.

There are no refunds. These animals are sold as-is, frozen or live.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any person at our own discretion. The reason may or may not be disclosed to the person in question.
We reserve the right to refuse sale to minors with or without parental signed consent.
We reserve the right to make changes to our policies, pricing, and availability at any time.



Last updated 9/21/2017 by Connie – No longer breed or selling rats

Last updated 3/15/2011 by Connie – Clarification of Ground same day shipping cut off times
Last updated 9/3/2009 by Connie – Clarification of shipping calculation

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