Sometimes plans change!

Any ball python breeder that’s been doing this for a few years probably knows what it’s like to spend hours if not days mapping out and deciding their possible pairings at the beginning of each season.  They also probably know what it’s like to throw that plan out the window on a moment’s whim!  I had my albino projects mapped out a few years ahead beginning in 2010.  In 2010 I produced my male albino spider.  I then planned to breed him to one of my black pastel girls with the hope of hatching out a black pastel spider het albino.  I did hit one of those in 2012, but it was a female.  Instead I held back a male black pastel het albino with the intention of breeding him to both of my albino girls this season to produce some black pastel albinos, and then my years of planning went out the window! I picked up this butter het albino a couple of months ago, he’s out of quarantine and locking up with my big 3000+ gram albino girl who is well into development.  She laid 10 eggs for me in 2012, so here’s hoping for a good clutch of albino butters, which will definitely go well with the various het albino morph girls I’m already raising up! 😀

Barnhart black pastel comparison

These are a couple of Barnhart line black pastels that were produced from my Barnhart line black pastel yellowbelly male.  They’re the same age, though the female is slightly larger.  I wonder if this is just natural variation in the black pastel gene or if it could be due to the elusive third gene that is suspected to cause the extreme look in the Barnhart black pastel yellowbelly combo?

Round number two!

This is round two for trying to prove out this possible het clown girl.  She laid four eggs for me last year and I struck out on any visual clowns, but I did end up with 5 hatchlings.  She put the weight back on real quick and then some, so I was hoping for another egg or two this go around, but no such luck.  Instead she made up for it in egg mass!  This is the definitely the oddest sized clutch I’ve personally come across yet.  Four eggs, each a different size.