Is my vanilla a normal?

Just had someone ask me how to tell a vanilla from a normal… the answer is easy, work with quality vanillas! If you’re looking at buying a vanilla and it looks like a normal to you, I say pass it by and keep looking. I held off on getting into vanillas for years until I happened to come across a classified ad for one that I couldn’t pass up. This is him at 4 years old next to a similar sized normal. No mistaking this guy for a normal!

Vanilla male next to a normal

First clutch on the ground!

First clutch of the year has finally been laid!  It’s been cold enough outside this year that the space heater in the basement actually had trouble keeping things as warm as I like down there.  Because of that this girl took 37 days post shed to lay.  My next clutch is due to be laid tomorrow, but I’m guessing most if not all of the gravid girls at this point are probably going to be about a week late.