Available list updated!

Spent yesterday taking new pictures of all the available animals and have just about everyone updated on pictures and weights!  Couple of animals left to update that are in shed at the moment but I’ll get them in a couple days when they finish up with that.  Unfortunately the 2012 ball pythons I have left are a little smaller than I’d like due to a combination of the rat shortage last year and then going off feed shortly after.  They’re all eating great now though so I figured it was time to get updated weights and pictures and start advertising again!  As always, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.  You can see the list here.

Capital City Reptile Show and super enchis!

Set up a table at a show for first time today at the Capital City Reptile Show.  Got a lot of attention with the black bloods but unfortunately didn’t sell anything.  Had a pretty good time anyway and overall it was a positive experience! If you came to the show and would like to know more about our available Sumatran short-tailed pythons, please check out our page!

Coming home to see this clutch all out of the egg completely made up for the slight disappointment of not selling anything!  Ended up with 0.2 super enchis, 1.1 enchis, and 0.1 normals, all possible het hypo.