The proof is in the… clown?

FINALLY proved out our het clown girl that we’ve been breeding since 2008.  I gave up on trying to prove her out with the het male we’d been using and bought a nice reduced visual clown in 2010, of course he didn’t get things figured out in time for that season, and then she took the 2011 season off.  He got the job done this year though!  Not the greatest odds sex-wise as we ended up with 2.1 visual clowns and 4.1 het clowns, but at least the one female is the nicest looking!  She’s not going anywhere…


Boy have I been slacking on updating the webpage!  I’ve apparently taken to posting updates to facebook and forgetting to do it here also.  Clutches 9 and 10 are both out, and both had great odds!

Clutch 9, ended up with 3.3 albino spiders and 4.0 albinos.

Clutch 10 was great!  Ended up with 1.1 dream bees, 1.2 orange dreams, 1.1 spiders, and 0.1 normal all possible het for albino.  Unfortunately there was a third dream bee that was deformed and died in the egg.