Clutch number 10 and my second to last chance at orange dreams…

Clutch number 10 was laid yesterday and it’s my second to last chance at orange dreams this year.  I hatched out this spider het albino girl on 9/24/2010, which means she laid her first clutch 8 days before she hit two years old.  On top of that, she laid nine eggs for her first clutch, that’s some good genetics at play there!  She’s nice and bright and was bred exclusively to the orange dream, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for dream bees and some female orange dreams to hold back in sixty days!

Some black pastel stuff!

I just wanted to post a comparison shot of some NERD line and Barnhart line black pastels that I’ve hatched out.  As you can see the Barnhart line is brighter and more orange, while the NERD line animals I’m working with are just plain dark!  The Barnhart line black pastels seem to make some extreme combos, like my breeder male black pastel yellowbelly!

The next picture is just a little comparison shot between the two Barnhart line black pastel yellowbellies that I’ve produced this year.  On the left is a male that just had his first meal, and on the right is a female that’s about two months old but took a month to start eating.  You can see that while she hasn’t put on a lot of size, the orange is really starting to come in.