Spring cleaning!

My loss can be your gain!  Unfortunately our collection of ball pythons is getting to the point where it’s just too time consuming.  Because of that I’ve decided that it’s time to slim down the collection some.  The first girl I’ve decided to let go is a 2011 enchi female that’s already up to 750 grams!  She’s a little dark color wise but completely spotless pattern wise.  Click on her picture to see the rest of her information!

Clutch 3 is on the ground!

Clutch number 3 for this year was just laid by our smallest breeding girl, who also happens to be the first girl we purchased.  She’s one of those girls who ate fine but just never grew into a big snake.  Since breeding her (and getting eggs!) for the first time last year she’s actually started growing a little bit more, this year she weighs just over 1000 grams after laying.  She was paired with the kingpin mainly, but near the end I started throwing the black pastel yellowbelly in with her also, so there’s potential for a good mix of morphs to be hatching out of these six eggs.

I also just realized today that our pinstripe girl snuck an ovulation by me!  I don’t really have any sort of set schedule for palpating, so it had been a while since I checked her out.  She just shed this past weekend and I noticed she was hugging the back wall where the heat is in my adult racks.  So I pulled her out and palpated her, and sure enough she’s got eight or nine eggs her!  I’ll be looking forward to that clutch, she was bred to both our vanilla and our orange dream males.