Got my fingers crossed!

This is another pairing I’m looking forward to this year.  This male was produced by this girl back in 2010 (clutch bp10-5) and is the only the ‘black backed’ lesser we’ve produced at this point.  Is there something going on with the female?  I tried this pairing last year but he didn’t figure things out until just before she ovulated so I don’t think he got the job done.  No question about it this year!  He’s been locking up with her from the start and I haven’t paired her up with anyone else.  On top of that, she’s getting real close to ovulating already and I feel a good eight or nine follicles in her!

So far behind…

Breeding season is in full swing and I’ve been neglecting our website!  We’ve had good locks with almost all of our planned pairings for the 2012 season, and over the next week or two I’m looking to get everything entered in to the breeding projects page.  Both our clown male and enchi het hypo male that wouldn’t do anything last year have figured things out finally and are tearing things up!  I’m also actively trying to reduce the number of normals we hatch out this year by only pairing up double gene males with normal girls and single gene males with morph females.  Hopefully by having at least two genes involved in every breeding we can hatch a higher percentage of morphs this year.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak at a pairing that I’m definitely excited about, and really hope leads to some hatchlings!