Vanilla update…

So here’s the three “vanillas” I hatched out this year.  You can see the clutch picture a couple of posts back, or check out the clutch record at bp11-7.

Here’s what the three vanillas look like now… the two on the side are what I’m generally used to seeing vanillas look like on the forums, and the one in the middle is the big question mark for me.  Is she ‘just’ a really nice vanilla or something more?  They are all possible het hypo, could it just be that she landed with the het hypo gene and it’s showing through a bit?


And the winner is….

Ahoy! We have an official pairing in the super black department! Our boy Onyx went nuts one day a few weeks ago, so I opened the girls cages around him, and he immediately was on the hunt. He chose our super black girl Makura and began to court her right there, by the next morning they were locked, and stayed locked for at least 2 days from what I could see. I didn’t get the camera down there, but I will try to get them back together again and see this pairing through.