Racks and stuff

Finally got the new 41qt rack finished up yesterday and moved everyone over.  Here’s a picture of it next to the standard 41qt melamine rack.  As you can see, they’re the same height but by using sheet metal for the shelves I was able to fit a twelfth tub into the aluminum rack.  Efficiency is winning!

I’ve also pretty much got the breeding projects page all up to date for the moment, so you can get an idea of what we might have available later this year!

Hit or miss?

I think this triple gene combo is going to be one of those that is either smoking hot or just kind of meh.  She should be ovulating in the next week or two here, and hopefully we get a good clutch out of her this year!  Last year she gave us two good eggs and nine slugs.  I’m hoping that since she’ll be ovulating before the heat really hits here we won’t get any slugs this time.

V18 size comparison…

I’ve had a few people ask me how big of a ball python could be kept in the V18 tubs.  I thought the best way to answer that question would be to take some pictures with different sized snakes in a tub!  For a size reference, the water dish in the tub is the same size as an 8 oz. deli cup.

This girl weighs 363 grams.

This guy weighs 523 grams.

This one weighs 925 grams.

And this girl weighs 1664 grams.