Little bit more enchi lovin’

Just a little. 😉  This is the only girl that actually went for us last year.  Not only did she give us all girls, but all three of them were quite different looking.  The pastel for obvious reasons, but also the two normals from that clutch were a bright orange and a very light yellow.  As soon as I figure out where the light tent ran off to I plan on getting some updated pictures of all three of those girls.  It’ll be interesting to see if that orange comes out in an enchi.

Breeding projects updated!

After spending four or five hours fiddling with the php code behind our breeding projects page I’ve finally got it pretty much completely up to date!  I’ve got one pairing left to add to it, but I need to get an updated profile picture taken of the female as the last ones that we took of her were when she was a hatchling. 

This pairing should be interesting!  I originally got this girl with the sole intention of pairing her up with a black pastel, but after seeing this thread, I just had to throw our lesser in with her.  If the lessers come out looking anything like the ones Anthony posted, I’ll be one happy camper.