Work work… and more work


Maybe some of you forum go-ers have noticed a marked emptiness in the kingdom of words.

I've been absent from my normal forum,, but I have a perfectly good reason. I've been working my ass off.

Yes, that is usually how things go, but do not despair, my S.O. Chris keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest happenings.

I'm sure he thinks that I am lazy and don't want to get online, this is mostly true. I sit in front of a computer all day, please don't hold it against me that I am not ready to jump right back online again and delve into the stress of the forum life.

I have very much enjoyed my absense from the online world, where I can now take on other means of destress and creativity. For instance, crochet. Ha, didn't know I enjoyed crochet, but apparently I do.

As an update for the breeding of the Black Bloods, not a whole lot has been happening so far. Chris and I have a bit of a bet, and It's looking like next year, he has to do things MY way. 😀 Fear not friends, they will breed someday, and we will have some super fantastic super blacks available for sale.

For now, peace.

:: Connie

Kingpins in the making?

Hope everyone had a good holiday!  We've been pretty busy around here and time has been flying by.  Not a whole lot of news around here, most of the ball pythons are still locking up.  No ovulations as of yet, but there is one girl who should be getting close.  We were hoping to produce some kingpins this year, but our big pinstripe girl hasn't seemed too interested in the lesser.  Throwing another girl in there with them seems to have done the trick though!