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If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, here is a link to our ASF Breeders page.

ASF Breeders **NEW!**

And here is why to use this page. 🙂

I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting an ASF Breeders listing on our website. We are not in competition with any person or forum, but want to offer this for informational purposes. You are invited to be a part of this listing and I do hope you join.

Over the past year, our website has grown to be one of the top search engine results for African soft furred rats, with 58% of our new traffic coming through search engines alone. This is a globally reached site, with hits coming in from 38 different countries, and easily reaching between 600 and 800 visits per month. We are currently forecasting 630 views will be rolling in each of the comings months ahead to the end of the year.

Since we have a strong share in the search engine market, we would like to help out fellow ASF Breeders get their names to those interested parties looking to buy ASF rats.

Whether you only sell a few a year, or if you run your own small feeder business, we would like to get your name added.

This is totally FREE, we do not expect anything in return, but we certainly appreciate recriprocal linking back to our website.

There is currently no limit on the size of the listing, but please include all pertinent information that you would like to see posted. They can always be changed and updated, so please do not hesitate to email me. 

I must note that this really is a cautionary venture, and if it doesn't work out (flame wars, bad vibes, drive by's) we can remove the listing for the best interest of those involved, but I want to see this be a success, and I wan't you to ride on those waves too!

PUT DOWN S. 373!!

"The National Python & Boa ban upon passage would immediately ban the import, export, and movement from state to state of Indian Pythons, Burmese Pythons, African Rock Pythons, Green Anacondas, Yellow Anacondas, and Boa Constrictors."

"December 10, 2009 Wilmington, NC-

Driven by powerful special interests and much media sensation S. 373 aka ‘The Python Ban’ is likely to move forward despite lack of scientific justification. Pushed by Sponsor Senator Bill Nelson and the Humane Society of the United States S. 373 could devastate the trade in high quality captive bred reptiles in the United States.

Today the Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works (EPW) will hold a business meeting on S. 373. The Committee Chair is Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and the Ranking Member is Senator James Inhofe (R-OK). The committee will hold a mark up session where they will consider S. 373, to amend title 18, United States Code, to add constrictor snakes of the species Python genera to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. The committee is expected to amend the bill to include the 9 snakes listed on a recent controversial report by the US Geological Survey (USGS). All tolled the bill could stop the import, export and interstate transport of as many as 45 species of Boas and Pythons.

The USGS report being used to justify these extreme measures has been called into question by a group of independent scientists in a letter to the EPW Committee on November 24, 2009. The letter characterized the USGS report as “not a bona-fide scientific paper”. The US Department of the Interior (DOI) and the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) stand by the report and have recommended to the committee that all 9 snakes reviewed should be included by amendment to S. 373. The independent scientists, who include professors from University of Florida, Arizona State University, Texas A&M and The National Geographic Society, go further to state, “this document is not suitable as the basis for legislative or regulatory policies, as its content is not based on best science practices”

The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) made an agreement in principle with Senator Bill Nelson’s office to limit the damage to a 3 billion dollar a year trade in these reptiles, but was informed yesterday that the agreement would not be honored. Senator Nelson has justified his position based on the recommendations made in regards to the USGS report by USFWS and DOI. Andrew Wyatt, president of USARK, commented that “it is a real shame that Senator Nelson has changed his position on this issue”. If the bill passes approximately 4 million boas and pythons already in captivity would be rendered valueless overnight with no provisions for disposition or compensation. Wyatt added, “it could create a situation where millions of people will be in possession of injurious wildlife. It is ludicrous to put so many law abiding citizens in that position and diminish the Lacey Act for the sake of political expediency.”

Passage of S. 373 would result in the loss of thousands of American jobs bankrupting an entire industry. Without strong evidence to support the injurious wildlife listing, USARK calls on the Senate EPW Committee to give an unfavorable rating to S. 373.


Andrew Wyatt"

It’s been a while…

Where does the time go?  I just realized that it's been almost a month since the last time I made a post on here.  There really isn't much news happening over here, we've made most of our planned pairings for the ball pythons that we're looking for and getting locks with almost every pair.  We've also started pairing up our "secret" project, but no action on that front yet.  Have to see what happens there, hopefully there will be some news in the near future with them. 😉

I'll leave you with a little picture of our heterozygous peibald male breeding with his possible het. daughter from last year.  She's up to size already, but there's no follicle development, so who knows what will happen there.  Got my fingers crossed though!