ASF Breeders

This has been a long pondered issue. Should this site include any links to ASF owners and breeders? At first, I did not believe it was necessary or justified, but with the expansion of interest in the African soft furred rat and the sparce availability, I've decided I will begin to take admissions. 

I will not monitor this as a "board of inquiry" and any flammatory comments or inquiries will be deleted without notice. This listing will only serve as a list of contacts who are willing to sell ASF stock; and yes, I can and will censor this listing if I feel it is in the best interest of this site, it's owners and users.

This is a temporary project, and I will reserve the right to take it down if I feel it is for the best. But if it works, and if it provides people with ASF contacts or breeders, than it may stay up. Until then… Just leave a comment or send an email to Please give me as much information as possible in your request and I will notify you once the listing has been approved.

I will begin accepting for the USA, Canada, Europe.

Downtime, black platinum, and hypo enchi!

Sorry about the downtime to anyone who tried to access the page the past couple of days. The server that was hosting our site went down and then there were a few hiccups getting it moved over to a new server. Everything should be working fine now, but if you come across something acting odd let me know! To make up for it, here's another lock we had earlier this week. I'm not sure if this girl will go or not as she's only a year old, but she's up to size so I figured I'd give it a shot. Sure enough, they locked up. Cross your fingers for black platinums!

Also, just thought I would mention that the hypo enchi HAS been produced. The Bells from Reptile Industries had one for sale at Daytona this year, but unfortunately no good pictures of it surfaced. SES Reptiles, whom I believe are located in Sweden, also produced one.

It shall rain enchi’s!

At least I hope anyway. 😀  Chalk another one up for our enchi boy, this time with a heterozygous hypo.  Hopefully we’ll end up with lots of female enchi possible het. hypo’s from this pairing.  I think this combination of genes is going to be smoking hot!  I would expect that someone will produce one this coming season now that the enchi pied has been produced.

Are you as sad as I am?

We did not go to Tinley this year. Even up until the last moment, which would have been 10 in the morning on Saturday, we decided to not go.

It’s okay though, we have next year!!!

Chris has started pairing up animals, and there are two animals in particular that I am SUPER STOKED ABOUT!!!! I will post some pictures soon, but I may wait a while just to tease you blog readers! 😀 (not to mention, blogging is hard to do when work is so busy!)

Alrighty, check in soon, maybe we will be blessed with a lock picture during the next week.


Aging like a good scotch?

Thought I’d post some updated pictures of our single clutch of hatchlings from the 2009 season.

Just out of the egg.

Now, after having shed twice.

It’s pretty interesting to see how these three are maturing color wise.  The girl in the middle has been getting more orange with every shed.

On another note, just finished up another 41qt rack today.  I’m really liking the last one I built as far as the larger footprint for the snakes to live in, and it might just be my imagination, but it seems as if they’ve actually been growing faster in the two months they’ve been in there.  I built the new rack out of pre-cut melamine shelving to attempt to cut down on build time.  It was quite a bit quicker, basically just had to make a couple of cuts and then screw everything together.  Man is it HEAVY though!  Not satisfied with that part of it.  Back to the drawing board for the next 41qt rack I build.