Some breeding updates.

Just about finished relocating everyone after building the 41 qt rack.  That one is all filled up with our smaller short-tailed pythons, the rainbow boas, the adult corn snake, and our 5 biggest ball python girls.  Just have to move a few juvies from the hatchling rack over to the 28 qt rack and I should have enough room to house all the possible hatchlings we may still get this year.

These are just a couple of locks from the past couple months or so that never got posted.  The first is our wild caught girl, who threw some really bright normals last year, locked up with our pastel.


This is the first lock I’ve actually observed from our lesser.  Apparently this girl being in shed was enough to get him going. 😀




This is our lesser locked up with the same wild caught girl in the first picture, who happens to be in shed here.  He still hasn’t started locking up regularly.  This is only the second lock I’ve actually caught him in, and it seems he’ll only lock up with girls who are in shed at this point.  I can’t believe how dirty these two managed to get here.  Yes, that is urate smeared all over the tub AND the both of them.  That all happened over one night.





On top of all that, I had pretty much written off our spider girl going this season as I hadn’t observed any locks with her and her follicle development seemed to have stalled.  After this last shed I palpated her again and there’s some definite growth since the last palpation, so she’s not out yet.

STILL waiting for our hypo girl to go.  I can never seem to catch the actual ovulations and because of that I pretty much pick out the pre-lay sheds by palpating and how many sheds they’ve had since they started developing follicles and locking up.  So far I’ve been pretty accurate, but this girl has me confused.  Just before this last shed I thought for sure she had ovulated and I was feeling some eggs in her, but after the shed I don’t seem to be feeling them anymore — just a whole ton of follicles.  On top of that, last night she was ready and waiting for me to toss in a rat and ate with no hesitation.  Maybe I’m a shed early still?

That’s about it for now, looks like I’ve got some work to do with updating the breeding projects page.  I had originally designed it around single snake to snake pairings, so now I’ve gotta figure out the best way to fit in multiple sire pairings.

I’ve been proven wrong

I know I’ve been seriously slacking with blog updates, but you’d think Chris would find something to write here, now wouldn’t you? 🙂

Work has been crazy for me these past few weeks, and when I get home, I find I can’t muster up a little bit of energy to write about anything snake related. On our side of the world, things have been relatively uneventful these past few weeks.

Chris did build a new 41qt breeder rack last weekend. Turned out costing far more than it should have. He feels he should have just built one at the shop from aluminum instead. While I think the metal racks are very nice, it takes forever for him to get around to building it! I often say, Chris flip flops more than a politician. Ha! I’ll more than likely get a picture up of the new rack shortly. It was nice to move the Brazilian rainbow boas into their new larger tubs. They appreciated it!

Now the next big TO-DO is mustering up some cash for purchasing new Boaphile caging for the bloods. Every one of them has grown so much in the past year, it’s time to upgrade!

I know you may have wondered how I was proven wrong. I’m not often proven wrong in our house, but Chris has almost 98% proven me wrong. You may remember a few weeks ago, I declared that we were only getting one clutch of eggs this year…. well, it does appear out Hypo female has ovulated and just had her POS (post ovulation shed) last weekend! This is exciting news for us, that means we have a 50% chance for each egg to contain a hypo or pastel! And something like a 1 in 4 chance any of the eggs could end up being a hypo pastel! Ah! The egg-citment is really strong with this one.

We got pippers!

Chris and I are happy to show off the little ball pythons that just began to emerge from the egg, and a little pastel pipping!