One more to go this year?

While this year has been late and slow, Chris expects one more at least to go. Our hypo female. Now, that would be awesome if our pastel proves out to be het hypo. Woot! I’m not counting my ducks before they hatch, but it is exciting to think about anyways.

I recently bought a gorgeous little spider male, (het for albino!) from Jon Courtney at Cold Blooded Addiction. Good guy to work with, and he has even followed up with us after the fact to make sure the guy ate. Superb service!

A bad pic from when he arrived.


Who can say ALBINO SPIDERS IN 2010! *Squee!*

Taylor Reptile Show – JULY

It’s pretty much official, we will be attending the Michigan reptile show in Taylor on July 11th. We’ll be taking some ASF and domestic rats down for someone, if you’d like some, just give us an email with what you want.

In other news, it’s super hot today, a high of 93 F here and a rumored 100 F later today, since we don’t have air conditioning in the house, our rats are set up with high velocity fans, and a misting of water at lunch time to make sure they stay cool. Rats are prone to heat stroke, so make sure they are in a nice breeze when it’s hot. Mine LOVE getting sprayed, they really enjoy the quick cool shower. ;)

Another snake dude visits

We were visited a few days ago by Chris’ sister and her new boyfriend. Looks like we got someone new to talk snakes with.

They actually came to us after visiting a pet store, he wanted to see a full grown red tailed boa. Our male is a little on the short side, topping out at almost exactly 6 feet, but he is the biggest snake we have, but just a doll.

The boyfriend was impressed with his size, since the pet store  only had a small baby on display, I think it impressed him in a good way. He really likes the personable nature of our boa, and come on, who doesn’t think boas are great companion snakes? Slow moving, alert, inquisitive, with their puppy dog faces, they are one of my favorite snakes to just hang out with.

If you’re into snakes and reptiles, you can tell which people are really comfortable around snakes as well. This guy had it.  He asked us all the right questions about cage sizing, heating, care, feeding, handling, he knew what to ask and I was impressed. He will make a great snake owner! 🙂


In other news, I have been processing ASF images, and will hopefully have a photo gallery up shortly! Check back for it, there will be a button under our "What’s New" on the right hand side of the blog page.


I was surfing the web today, as usual I was going around looking at rat websites. Now, if I wasn’t deeply devoted to snake keeping, I would still be raising rats. However, the dark side to the rat hobby is the pretentious attitudes perpetuated by many breeders in that hobby, and it’s a kill joy to anyone that loves rats and wants to breed them simply as a hobby and not the ‘reason for living’.

Myths are abundant in the rat fancy, I saw these two today and had to give a loud laugh at them.

1. Domestic rats bred to "wild caught" rats are hybrids.

Absolutely false. Seems like someone needs to go read the definition of hybrid. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this load. (makes me wonder about some people…)

2. Feeder/pet store rats not from registered and anal rat breeders won’t make good pets, and are going to be flighty, temperamental and unworthy.

Pardon my pointing this out, but how would the registered rat breeders "know" that pet store/feeder rats are ill suited as companions? Oh, did they know someone who got one, or did they read online about someone getting a feeder/pet store rat, and it wasn’t as smushy rolly polly as this other registered rat?

I STRONGLY believe that daily interaction and play with any norway rat, even weeks after they wean, will produce a wonderful pet rat, that is loving, smart and just as worthy of being a pet as any "registered" rat.  Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t the experience to make such a flippant comment.

How can I say this? I raise a LOT of these so called "pet store" quality / feeder rats, and ANY of them is just as sweet and smushy rolly pumpkin pie faced as the next rat.

Now, let me add a note, it would be incorrect of me to say that all pet store rats will be of the same health and longevity as rats from a rat fancier. Is it possible to get a normal healthy pet store rat? Yes, but just let that be a warning to you. Health and temperament do not go hand in hand.


So, for you folks out there being influenced by this society of pretentious, flippant and yes, prejudiced rat fanciers, I challenge you to go to Petsmart, Petco and the like, treat those rats just like it we’re gold, and you too can have a wonderful, smart, affectionate and caring little ratty pet.

My little rant here today was brought to you by the letter H. For haters who can’t pull there head out of their arses.


Norway rats – Live

Young live domestic rats for sale as breeders, not individual feeders.  Available for pick up in the Saginaw county, MI area. Please email me here for current availability and be sure to check out our TOS.

We are a small operation and use most of what we produce. All rats are fed a quality rodent diet to grow a healthy and fit rat for production breeding.

Prices current as of  3/18/2010

Weaners (60-80 grams):
Small (80-130 grams):
Medium (130-200 grams):
Large (200-300 grams):
X-Large (300-400 grams):
$3.00 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$5.00 ea.
$5.75 ea.
$6.00 ea.


At least it’s not Canada

I need to make me a new T-shirt, the last one I had was from Hot Topic, but I have no clue where it got off to. Nothing against our Canadian neighbors, but… you know.



Why should I buy a feeder breeder rat from an actual breeder and not a pet store?

Well, for one, it’ll be cheaper! Keeping in mind that pet stores are selling pets, chances are you will find only one sex, or the other.

Secondly, rat breeders are more likely to know their stock, and if they are open, honest and concerned about what they are selling, they will be open to answering any questions you may have.

Third, some pet stores carry sickly, under nourished, infected, parasite infested rats. Is this stock you want to start out with?? Irregardless, I believe it’s important to treat the first rats you get for internal and external parasites, but it’s easier when you have healthy rats to begin with!

Okay, so you may only have pet stores around, but go online and find reptile forums. There is more than likely a few folks that breed their own rats within driving distance. Let’s face it, what is it worth to have high quality, healthy rats to use as a foundation for your own breeding colony? PRICELESS, that’s what.

I wish I had known about rat health and care before I went and bought my first rats for a colony. Guess what, I’ve had crap rats, I’ve had rats with health problems, females that grow to barely 250 grams even on a high quality diet…. So yes, I feel it’s priceless to get healthy rats from a known line of healthy producers.

And remember, cute or unique patterned and colored rats don’t make the best breeders!!!

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How fast do ASF grow?

I see this question come in all the time through search engines. The answer depends on a few things like… Diet, litter size, genetics, health of each animal. I have found on average that ASF’s grow (after weaning) to 40-50 grams in 3-4 weeks. Feed them appropriately and don’t inbreed too much, you should have approximately the same results. Some grow faster, some slower, but this is generally what I see in my colonies.