Lots of things going and getting done

I’ve publish a care sheet for the ball pythons recently, and I hope to finish the printable version very shortly here for both of our care sheets. It’s a simple caresheet, but I hope it is easy to understand and read. I’m quite happy with it. :)

On top of the caresheets, I’ve updated the ASF page, and a couple of the rat breeding pages. Mostly simple misspellings and grammer errors, some that I was sure I had already fixed a while back.

The ASF page has been updated with the genetics of the Ruby-Eyed color, and the cinnamon color. They are quite difficult to tell apart, with the only really good factor being the color of the eyes. On a nice Ruby-eyed, the eyes are a very noticeable Ruby color. (Hence the name :)) It’s about 99% certain that they are two different genes at work, but give me a few more litters to work through from this group, and I will know for sure!

I’ve been taking more pictures of the rats, and I intend on getting up the simple Norway rat gallery soon, and filling up the ASF caresheet with more pictures as well.

AND, I made another DIY tutorial on making a holding bin for rats and ASF’s. I haven’t finished processing the photo’s, but look for that page coming up shortly!

On top of all that fabulousness, we’re still pairing up the ladies here, and I think it’s time I revisit palpating the more difficult girls. They like to play hard to get, but I’m down with that. I’m hoping we can prove out a couple of males, and I simply am excited to see what we get!

We still have our male ball pythons from this past summer with us, growing big and beautiful! They will make wonderful pets, and I’m looking forward to giving someone else the chance at owning these wonderful snakes.

       :: Connie

Where did January go?

Talk about time flying! I really didn’t get to the projects I wanted to in January. It was a few more rat articles, just getting up a simple rat gallery, updating our snake gallery, things like that.

I’ve had to delay the projects to an undetermined date, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to research, take pictures, sort through them and prepare; and then write about it!