The Calm

Another week has gone by, the first signs of winter come creeping in. I’m ok with this winter though, because we will have a great breeding season.

Still procrastinating on finishing my side of the site. Everything is pretty much ready, but I wanted everything to be finished before I let people know it’s open for business. It may just be a work in progress.

We received our boxes to get certified with Fedex, hopefully it goes smoothly and we can get that all out of the way. We do have snakes up for sale, but still won’t advertise until we get the shipping out of the way.

I’m really uninspired to write today. What can I say? I haven’t been spending much time on the forums as I’d like. It’s refreshing to take a break. Forums are seriously addicting. It’s such a good feeling to help others with their new snakes or rodents. The downside is the pettiness that perpetuates all forums. Luckily I love my “home” forum. I think it’s a really good fit for me. Some may call it a care bear forum for bleeding hearts, but I think it’s a testament to the hard work the admins and moderators do to keep it rated G.

If one forum doesn’t fit, there are still dozens of other forums that are likely better suited to you. 🙂

I’m just seeking peace lately.

:: Connie

Walk This Way

Not sure how many people enjoy keeping rats, but if it isn’t apparent by now, I really do. I know some people think I’m a bit nuts, but I feel very strongly about treating our feeder animals humanly and treating them with respect. Like they always say, you are what you eat. I believe this is apparent in the quality of feeders I provide to my snakes, and the growth that my snakes put on.

Chris and I are still working hard on finishing the site. We have just ordered our boxes and bags to get certified to ship with Fedex as soon as possible. All of our hatchlings are putting on weight well and eating wonderfully.

Breeding season is fast approaching, and it’s looking like we will have only a small number of girls going this season, but I can’t wait to see what they produce. I love the normal girls, and I think we have some good matches that will compliment the male co-doms.

Our clown project will be going again this year, and after last years disappointment, I’m hoping for all clowns in the next clutch!!

Our breeding season is particularly late compared to everyone else. We likely will not start pairing until February, maybe January depending on what girls begin to develop follicles. No rush from me, I know Chris is really excited to get going this year. I say the girls will go when they want to. Everyone is still eating strongly, we haven’t even begun to cool the room at all, but the shorter light periods with all of this rain we’ve been getting is sure to impact their habits.

To end this blog entry, remember folks, check and make sure your animals ate the F/T rats they coil. Yes, we had the unfortunate circumstance recently. The bad part is, we didn’t know until late the next night there was a dead rat in the tubs. The worst part is, Chris didn’t find the second one until the day after that. OH THE STINK WAS TERRIBLE!!!! 🙁

:: Connie